The Ossirian Empire sends its best wishes to the people of the United States of America on this anniversary of the day their ancestors thew off the shackles of their canon country and self-determined themselves to be a free and separate people.

It is our hope that they never forget the importance of freedom, nor the heavy price they must pay to continue being free. For those who do not vigilantly defend and use their freedom often find they have lost it when they need it most.
The cryptocurrency NXTCoin shall now be equivalent to the Imperial Datary. All official business within the Empire may be conducted with NXTCoin.
For the first time in Imperial history, the Ossirian Empire boasts a fully functional open network, which anyone may connect to and utilize.

How did we do this? Through a technology known as mesh networking with a live Linux distribution called Project Byzantium. The software is still relatively new, and lacks certain features, but we will install upgrades as they come.

For the time being, the single network node is operating out of the original Imperial territory, an IBM ThinkPad T23. Client devices must be within wireless range to connect to the network.
Citizens of Ossiriand, I wish you all a very merry Christmas! No matter where you are, whether you're home alone, with friends or family, well or I'll, I hope you have a fantastic and memorable Christmas this year.His Imperial Majesty
Ryan Porter
Caranthir Turambar
Sahqo Staaliik
Emperor of Ossiriand
If you've been thinking about becoming a citizen of a micronation, but want to be sure that your talents will be used and appreciated, you've come to the right place! The Ossirian Empire is in need of skilled artists and musicians to boost cultural involvement. For more information, Contact Us.
An email was sent out to citizens in the Imperial email list, but as not all citizens are in the list this announcement shall provide adequate notice of the proposed amendment.

The proposal is to remove Quenyan Elvish as secondary language of the Empire, and to replace it with Dovahzul. The Empire is committed to promoting constructed languages, and so Klingon will remain our tertiary language.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any feedback or questions you might have.
Good citizens of Ossiriand,

There have not been any significant occasions for the last several months, and as the summer season is drawing to a close, and school is starting, I thought I would write a message encouraging you to participate in the government and culture of our glorious Empire.

The Council and House both appreciate your input in matters of governance and legislation; in fact, the best ideas come from you, the partial observers! We have the opportunity to change the world in good and unique ways - let's take advantage of it.

Also, you will notice that the Imperial website has a message board for discussion on topics related to the Empire. Please use it! All discussions there help build our idea of what we want the Empire to be, and where we want it to go (although Mars is a given, of course). Development of culture is also a very high priority, and anything you can do to add to that is very, very much appreciated. For example, one might create art or music related to the Empire, and share them everyone. These things make the Empire great.

It is my hope that you will take this to heart.

May your lives be radiant and full of happiness,

Caranthir Turambar
Emperor of Ossiriand
While the United States is torn by a controversial gun control debate, Ossiriand stands strong for the liberties of a free people, including the right to own and bear arms! While the government of Ossiriand does not derive it's power from its citizens, like the US, it is still devoted to allowing its citizens the freedom to protect themselves without necessarily relying on Imperial police to help them.

After all, in the event that lethal force is needed to protect you, will police just happen to be nearby?

Here is a quote from our Constitution:
All citizens of the Ossirian Empire shall have the following rights: ...

The Right to Bear and Use Arms, Weapons, and Vehicles of War, that our glorious Empire may never fall to invasion or domestic crime.
While self-interested politicians in Washington DC may want to disarm you so that you're at their mercy, His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Ossiriand has no such wish, and will never betray his people in such a way.

So if you are wishing for solidarity in this regard, consider applying for citizenship in Ossiriand, where gun control has no place.
From the Office of the Emperor

It has come to my attention that a couple of things needed to be amended in the Constitution, namely the Standard of Date and an amendment process for changing the Constitution in the future.

All citizens will now need top exercise greater responsibility in the Empire, as amendments will require each citizen to vote on them. "Inactive" or hard-to-reach citizens could bog down the system and make this micronation very hard to govern, so I ask you to each make a commitment to actively participating in the Empire.

Below, RED text is text that has been removed, while BLUE text is text that has been added.

From the Office of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, an Order, to be in effect as of this day, the twenty-second of February, 2013, Gregorian Calendar.

Be it known that the First of April shall be a holiday to all citizens of the Empire, which shall be called "Declaration Day" in remembrance of the day the Ossirian Empire first declared itself as a sovereign nation.