From the Office of the Emperor

It has come to my attention that a couple of things needed to be amended in the Constitution, namely the Standard of Date and an amendment process for changing the Constitution in the future.

All citizens will now need top exercise greater responsibility in the Empire, as amendments will require each citizen to vote on them. "Inactive" or hard-to-reach citizens could bog down the system and make this micronation very hard to govern, so I ask you to each make a commitment to actively participating in the Empire.

Below, RED text is text that has been removed, while BLUE text is text that has been added.

Amendments to the Constitution

Article VIII

The Standard Year for the Ossirian Empire shall be based upon the Darian Calendar for Mars. The starting year will be OY 1 (Ossirian Year 1), and is equivalent to 2012 A.D. on Earth. The days of the week shall be called Anar Ancalë, Anar Isilya, Anar Carnil, Anar Elennírë, Anar Alarin, Anar Tancol, and Anar Lumbar.

Standard Time shall be Airy Mean Time (AMT).
All units of measure shall be metric.

The Official languages of the Ossirian Empire shall be: Primary: English; Secondary: Quenyan Elvish; Tertiary: Klingon.

The Official monetary unit shall be the Imperial Datary.

Article X

This Constitution shall not be changed except by 2/3 vote of the People of the Ossirian Empire. Amendments must be approved by 2/3 vote of the House of Lords and Council of Moffs, respectively, before said amendments may be put forth for a vote by the citizenry.


02/27/2013 8:33pm

I like the map and I'm glad we get to vote. The months being in a different language is confusing. Are there English translations?

02/27/2013 11:37pm

The days of the week are the translation of the Darian days into Quenyan Elvish. For example, Anar Carnil means Sol Martis, Day of Mars.


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