From the Office of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, an Order, to be in effect as of this day, the twenty-second of February, 2013, Gregorian Calendar.

In the interests of promoting progress and unity within the Empire, all dates and times used by officials of the government shall use common measures for such used on Earth. Thus, all government offices will use the Gregorian calendar and standard time zones for business.


Also, an announcement. The Emperor wishes all who read this to be aware that there is an opening for the position of Advisor to the Emperor on Matters of Science and Technology. All those who are interested should request more information via the following:

The Imperial Government and His Imperial Majesty the Emperor wish you all a very merry Christmas! May your holiday wishes come true.
It is my great pleasure to announce that the Ossirian Empire and Aerican Empire have made an understanding with each other. Accordingly, the Ossirian Empire now recognizes the Aerican Empire as a legitimate nation.

For more information on the Aerican Empire, please see the "International Relations" page.
It is my great pleasure to enact a Constitution for the Ossirian Empire today, which places us one step closer to achieving that great goal, Galactic Domination! I did this using my Imperial authority, in order to get things rolling in a more organized manner. This constitution is by no means perfect, and may need adjustments as time goes on; however, it's a very good start, and will help us with our quest for domination and recognition.

You can see the Constitution at this new Constitution Page.
On Anyar Carnil, Aries the 3rd, OY 1, an alliance was forged between the great nations of Novum Angliae and the Ossirian Empire. The Emperor is very pleased to note how far our influence is spreading.
We are proud to announce the beginning of a new relationship with another micronation, the Kingdom of Innhau! The first step has been completed, and there is now an understanding between our two nations.

For more information on the policies that we use in determining if a nation is suitable for recognition, understanding, or alliance, check out the Diplomacy page.
Applications to become a citizen of the Ossirian Empire are now being accepted. Simply follow the instructions on the Citizenship page.

The goals of this are to increase our citizenship, build a database of citizens with skills they may be willing to contribute to the Empire, and to make it simpler to keep track of our citizens.
Just in case any of you are wondering about the Ossirian Constitution, Rest Assured! It's coming along, and we're working on the Judicial Branch right now. I won't give you a time to expect the Constitution, but I hope it's soon.

A copy of the Constitution will be distributed to each citizen to think about for a month, before it comes to a vote.
We have a new page now, all about the Imperial Bill of Rights. Work on the Bill of Rights is underway!

See the new page here:
_ By order of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, 

The word “funner” shall be a true and official word in the English language as accepted and spoken by all citizens of the Ossirian Empire.

By Imperial Order, this sixteenth day of April in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Twelve.