Good citizens of Ossiriand,

There have not been any significant occasions for the last several months, and as the summer season is drawing to a close, and school is starting, I thought I would write a message encouraging you to participate in the government and culture of our glorious Empire.

The Council and House both appreciate your input in matters of governance and legislation; in fact, the best ideas come from you, the partial observers! We have the opportunity to change the world in good and unique ways - let's take advantage of it.

Also, you will notice that the Imperial website has a message board for discussion on topics related to the Empire. Please use it! All discussions there help build our idea of what we want the Empire to be, and where we want it to go (although Mars is a given, of course). Development of culture is also a very high priority, and anything you can do to add to that is very, very much appreciated. For example, one might create art or music related to the Empire, and share them everyone. These things make the Empire great.

It is my hope that you will take this to heart.

May your lives be radiant and full of happiness,

Caranthir Turambar
Emperor of Ossiriand