While the United States is torn by a controversial gun control debate, Ossiriand stands strong for the liberties of a free people, including the right to own and bear arms! While the government of Ossiriand does not derive it's power from its citizens, like the US, it is still devoted to allowing its citizens the freedom to protect themselves without necessarily relying on Imperial police to help them.

After all, in the event that lethal force is needed to protect you, will police just happen to be nearby?

Here is a quote from our Constitution:
All citizens of the Ossirian Empire shall have the following rights: ...

The Right to Bear and Use Arms, Weapons, and Vehicles of War, that our glorious Empire may never fall to invasion or domestic crime.
While self-interested politicians in Washington DC may want to disarm you so that you're at their mercy, His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Ossiriand has no such wish, and will never betray his people in such a way.

So if you are wishing for solidarity in this regard, consider applying for citizenship in Ossiriand, where gun control has no place.